January 2015: Launch of 'Habitorials' project in Cambridge

Ten years ago, I moved to the sleepy-sounding village of Trumpington on the southern fringes of Cambridge. There was little to recommend it at the time - apart from perhaps its proximity to more interesting things like the rolling meadows of Grantchester, the upmarket aisles of Waitrose, the reassuring presence of Addenbrooke's Hospital and the M11 junction beckoning towards the bright lights of London.

When I moved to Trumpington, I could see fields from my back bedroom. But now there are houses. And lots of them! In fact, over the next ten years, 4,300 new homes will be springing up on the fields around us - swelling the population of Trumpington from 7,500 to more than 17,500.

Admittedly, it's quite a daunting prospect. But I'm fascinated to find out more about my new neighbours. What brings them to Trumpington? What kind of people are they? Are they commuters? Key workers? What do they think of Trumpington - if indeed they have given it much thought at all? And, most importantly, how will we all get along together as we jostle in the ever-more crowded aisles of Waitrose?!

With these questions and more in mind, I set out to interview new residents as they moved into their brand new homes, as well as talking to existing Trumpington residents - some of whose families have lived here for many generations. It's been a fascinating journey and the collected stories have been published in a magazine as part of a public art project called "Habitorials - A Showground of Real Living".

It's been a great opportunity to discover Trumpington through fresh eyes - and to write about the things that are happening on my own doorstep. As well as having the chance to really get under the skin of a community in transition.

Here's a sneak preview:

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